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On re-establishing our Constitution rights…

Abandoning our democratic values in exchange for the delusion that we are safer is the greatest “win” the terrorists could have hoped for…. and we gave this to them out of fear…. Continue reading

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What do Democrats do?

A blogger on the DNC website just wrote an article entitled “What do Conservative do?” to which I would like to respond with my own take on conservatism.  Conservatism, Liberalism, Neo-conservatism, Libertarianism, et al., are all political philosophies that have some … Continue reading

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Death and Rebirth of the American Politic, by Dr. Gerry Lower

  Dr.  Gerry Lower   Gentle People, Recently, several news analysts have referred to Obama’s flip-flopping on FISA as “moving to the middle”[1] or “edging toward center”[2] or making a shift to the center”[3]  I believe that this portrays a … Continue reading

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