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Countries ranked by unemployment, healthcare, taxes, national debt

https://r.office.microsoft.com/r/rlidExcelEmbed?su=6689243096185879178&Fi=SD5CD4F727A464BA8A!104&kip=1&Item='Sheet1'!A1%3AK12&wdDownloadButton=True I compiled a spreadsheet from three sources plus the “AAA” list provided earlier and included the U.S. in the chart to show unemployment, healthcare, taxes and national debt as a percentage of GDP (I hope you can get to … Continue reading

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Where does America rank in healthcare quality and efficiency?

The assault on healthcare reform has begun. For the next three years, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, HMOs and other halthcare profiteers will spend billions in advertising and more billions in lobbying to convince us that we have the BEST healthcare … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about this hybrid strain of “swine” flu….

Sheds light on the current controversy in an effort to identify fear-mongering and rumors. Discusses what the hybrid “swine” flu (H1N1 influenza-A) virus strain is, talks about how it came into being, types of vaccines, and dispels myths and examines truths about this strain. Continue reading

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