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Why social conservatives have it wrong when it comes to marriage equality…..

I agree that the owner of Chik-Fil-A has the right to express his opinion, but he does not have the right to discriminate against LGTB individuals in his business or require them to practice a certain lifestyle or attend a certain church. … Continue reading

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On re-establishing our Constitution rights…

Abandoning our democratic values in exchange for the delusion that we are safer is the greatest “win” the terrorists could have hoped for…. and we gave this to them out of fear…. Continue reading

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Intolerance, political correctness and effective government

The greatest problem our nation has is not the economy or health care or any other issue like abortion or gay marriage. It is the fact that our government is not operating effectively. And the gridlock in our government that prevents it from operating effectively is directly due to the polarization in our society and the concept of moral absolutism that prevents compromise and views it as weakness.

Polticis is the art of compromise. Knowing which points are negotiable and which ones aren’t is the job of the politician. And until we get over ourselves and our image of ourselves are morally superior and, therefore, entitled to absolute rule, it is not going to get better any time soon. Continue reading

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KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) and eugenics

The Knowledge is Power Program is a network of intensive . . . schools for inner-city kids started up in 1994 by two idealistic young teachers, David Levin and Michael Feinberg , in Houston . There are now 52 of … Continue reading

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The original meaning of the term “roadblock” — a lesson in racism and homegrown terrorism

When I was about four y/o, I was riding in a car with my grandparents and great-grandmother headed to my great-grandfather’s cabin on Fowl River (where our permanent home now stands).  It was about 1957.  My grandfather’s father (Big Daddy) lived … Continue reading

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