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On re-establishing our Constitution rights…

Abandoning our democratic values in exchange for the delusion that we are safer is the greatest “win” the terrorists could have hoped for…. and we gave this to them out of fear…. Continue reading

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Taking back the healthcare debate….

Every town hall I have seen on the tube shows people screaming at the politicians or other presenters about unrelated issues or making wild accusations like the Palin comment about “death panels,” which is not just incorrect, it is grossly misrepresentative and a completely irresponsible remark for a former Governor and Vice Presidential candidate to make.

The bottom line is that we need information. I believe that Obama made a mistake to not have a solid plan to discuss before holding these town hall meetings. However, these meetings could be effective if they were used to discuss possible provisions, their pros and cons, and find out from the people what they need and want rather than dictating to them what the administration thinks they need and want. Timing is everything. Preparation is the next most important thing, and the administration blew it on both counts.

But it is not too late for the American citizens to stand up and take the issue back from the special interests and insist on sanity, clarity and truthfulness. We need to get the country focused on solving problems rather than acting out anger and ignorance, because whether you like any of the bills proposed or not, healthcare is the one singlemost important issue that prevents American labor from being competitive internationally. Continue reading

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Where does America rank in healthcare quality and efficiency?

The assault on healthcare reform has begun. For the next three years, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, HMOs and other halthcare profiteers will spend billions in advertising and more billions in lobbying to convince us that we have the BEST healthcare … Continue reading

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More about flu vaccines

Discusses specific viruses that are contained in the annual human flu vaccine. Also discusses types of vaccines and how they work. Continue reading

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Some thoughts about this hybrid strain of “swine” flu….

Sheds light on the current controversy in an effort to identify fear-mongering and rumors. Discusses what the hybrid “swine” flu (H1N1 influenza-A) virus strain is, talks about how it came into being, types of vaccines, and dispels myths and examines truths about this strain. Continue reading

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