About Laura Schneider

I am a moderate progressive, life-long Democrat and supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am a retired IT consultant, musician, animal lover, environmentalist and human rights activist, with particular interest in the protection of civil liberties and constitutional rights and freedoms.

One of my deepest concerns is the loss of our constitutional rights and protections during the last decade. We have been told that 9/11 changed everything and that we would have to change to accommodate to this new reality, but:

Abandoning our democratic values in exchange for the delusion that we are safer is the greatest “win” the terrorists could have hoped for…. and we gave this to them out of fear.

When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution of the United States, they were writing this document from the worldview of immigrants who had fled their home country because of tyranny. Tyranny came to our founding fathers in many forms, but most often in the form of religious freedom and the enslavement of the “common” man (not nobility). This is why they made sure of two things:

  1. that the system of government they set up could be dynamic (change as needed), and
  2. that the rights of the minority could not be infringed by the will of the majority. That’s why we have a representative form of government. It prevents what we now call “mob rule” or “government by polls.”

The loss of the sanctity of the writ of habeas corpus (requiring a warrant for arrest, search and/or seizure of persons or property) is the most alarming, because it also involves the loss of due process, meaning that the government (thanks to the Patriot Act) can deem individuals to be enemy non-combatants, arrest them, detain them without arraignment or trial, torture them, and even refuse to give them access to an attorney until they have signed a confession written by the government.

When I was growing up, the Soviet Union and Red China were the “boogey-men” who committed these types of human rights atrocities. America was the country that protested this kind of treatment of individuals. Now we torture detainees. Now we are the “boogey-man.”   I have not doubt that, in years to come, our behavior in reaction to terrorism will be deemed as a shameful time for Americans, much like our treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII.

Moreover, we have lost our moral high ground because of this.  Between our inability to properly manage our economy and our growing national debt AND our loss of moral integrity with regard to human rights, we are no longer the “bright beacon” that we once were.  That will change only when we fundamentally change how we live and govern ourselves.  We need to remember what is truly important before we lose it altogether.

I appreciate your taking the time to read my blog. I look forward to reading your comments….

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3 Responses to About Laura Schneider

  1. Brandi says:


    I think you underestimate the lengths that some would go to to insure that neither Hillary or Barack get elected, and how they’ve carefully sown seeds of discontent between factions in the Democratic Party. Clearly you see how they’ve played on the insecurites of Obama supporters, people who have been gravely afraid that the “Clinton Machine” somehow will use their powers and influence to steal the election from Obama when he is so close and how they overreact to any hint of skepticism about his nomination. Obviously you’ve been in contact with many who feel Obama’s nomination is a clear sign of shady dealings and a “Chicago Machine” robbing Hillary in the same way that Obama supporters would be led to feel the fix was on had Hillary won (that her name was the only one on the MI ballot, that she knew to advertise in FL despite it being made clear from the outset of the race that those delegates wouldn’t be seated at all for having an early primary would all be used as circumstantial evidence). There would be no difference between the anger and bitterness you feel and that which Obama supporters would have. In that scenario, Hillary, Bill and their supporters would become the fascists. Just as you’re being fed unsubstantiated suppositions regarding BO’s birth certificate and misleading information regarding associations with black liberation figures, Republican (if you can even call them that, these are imperialist oligarchs that play that side as well as they play ours) operatives have on hand information that is meant to raise suspicion about Hillary’s connections to 1960’s California counterculture groups, including the SLA, as well as manufactured evidence meant to lead to the supposition that she herself had an abortion before Chelsea with a man other than her husband.

    They’ve put it and the supposed real father away (and whatever else they think they’ve got) to use in 2012, figuring that enough Hillary supporters will jump the Obama ship to sink his presidency. If you, the other PUMA’s and the paranoid Obama supporters are any indication, I believe that they might be right and you’re about to help elect another insider in the real machine that will continue that rightward shift of America’s political body as we’ve become a nation fighting for the truly elite few over the desperate needs of the many.

    I don’t know if Obama really helps stop this shift, the forces against him won’t give up even if he wins, but I know that he’s at least sincere that he wants to try. Please look closely at the man and his family without all the noise. If you get a chance, go to a rally and try to meet him or Michelle personally, or at least talk to somebody who has or who really knows them. They are not the monsters you make them out to be, just as Hillary is not the monster she’s made out to be by some of his supporters who haven’t even tried to scratch beneath the surface. Please, the only way they win is if we allow them to divide us.


  2. Sandi says:

    Hello Laura,
    I have missed your blogs, and I understand how you feel. It is so sad that some of the Obama supporters have taken our party into the swamp of hate. I have watched them spout hate of women, Jews, gays, and anyone who speaks out against discrimination. I am saddened that Obama is our candidate. Hate does not win elections, and the censorship on the Democratic National Committee Party Builder is more than horrific. Keep speaking out and I hope the Obama mafia has not silenced you. I noticed Deb’s note to you, and I am fearful because of all the threats that these people have given to other Democrats. I hope I am wrong, but if you get this message, please let me know.

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